The KLR is 99% done!

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Preparations, Uncategorized

klr 650 4

So after many hours of research and work, the KLR is all done up. It’s hard to think of everything I have put into it but I’ll try to make a list. The pictures will show most but not everything…

– Braided from brake line
– Hard cases with mounting hardware on the side
– Pellican case bolted in on the top
– Charging unit in Pellican case
– Skid plate
– Cruising pegs
– Nurf bars or whatever those protective bars are on the sides
– Center Stand
– Doohickey
– “Ticking time bomb” fix
– Sub frame bolts
– 2″ riser for the bar
– Hand guards
– Heated grips + heated vest hook-up
– Gas canister holders (custom 🙂 )
– 2″ Thick memory foam covering a gel type seat
– On/off switch for headlight
– On/off switch for electronics
– 12V jack with USB
– iPhone and GPS holder
– Wind screen (came already upgraded)
– Cruise Control
– PCV tubes or whatever they are called for storage
– Muffler and wire harness recall (done myself)

And I’m sure there’s a couple more that I’m forgetting… but here’s the pics:

klr 650 3

klr 650 5

klr 650 6

klr 650 7

klr 650 8

klr 650 9

klr 650 10

klr 650 11

klr 650 12

klr 650 13

klr 650 16

klr 650 17

klr 650 18

  1. Katia says:

    Rocket “Katusha” looks great!! 😉

  2. SteveBiologist says:

    Nice setup! Where did you buy your side storage cases?

  3. Markus says:

    I have to ask, what is the ““Ticking time bomb” fix” ?

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