Riding in the US of A… capitol of the capitalist world

Posted: October 16, 2010 in USA

I left Calgary about a week ago and good thing I did since today they had the first snow storm of the year. I am currently in San Francisco where I have already spend 1 night and will be spending 2 more. This is my first big stop as I have mainly been riding up to now since Spokane. From Calgary to Spokane, I trailered the bike with Katia and her Highlander. We then spent 2 nights there and I started riding south, while she returned back home. On the way to San Francisco, I spent 2 nights in Motels in small towns, out of which the last one was called Weed, California. Nothing to do with Actual weed as the town was named after a guy named Weed. None the less, the locals do take advantage to make such shirts and souvenirs that say: “I Love Weed”.

Allright, so here’s some photos taken along the way as well as here in San Fran:

Some wind Turbines from a really large wind farm right below Spokane:

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 12

Mt. Shasta in the Background. 14 000 some feet elevation. It’s an old volcanoe that’s sleeping:

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 14

First set of Palm trees I have seen. I was already in CA:

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 20

This is in San Fran already. It’s the main Ferry Building:

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 49

Kids doing some crazy stunts on their bikes… talk about a stoppie…

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 51

Dock 39 in Fisherman’s Warf

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 54

I made some new friends, but they sleep a lot…

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 65

And good old Alcatraz… Wanted to do the tour but tickets are sold out till Sunday, so maybe Sunday morning before I leave.

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 60

  1. viph says:

    Cool shot of Alcatraz man.

  2. Shocker says:

    Hows the KLR handle loaded up like that…God I miss mine

    • pimptrix says:

      She’s heavy but she doesn’t handle too too bad… I do need a fork brace though cause the front is crazy whobbly with all that weight. I have to figure out how to get one…

      • Shocker says:

        I had the same issue with mine when it was loaded. I really dont think the fork brace will do much…its just the way she rides when she is loaded

      • pimptrix says:

        It buggs the hell out of me, specially at low speed in the cities or in traffic when trying to lane split. I have to make the bike lighter I guess… πŸ˜€

  3. katia says:

    Did you get to see the Alcatraz? Shoot looks mysterious πŸ˜‰

  4. shocker says:

    Are you lost? I’m watching your spot tracking and wondered why you were on that road? You got bigger balls than me!

    • pimptrix says:

      lol, no, not lost. We went to check out the observatory and slept at 2500 meter altitude. It was a chilly night for sure! The road was sick twisty though. I removed the center stand cause it was hitting ground all the time. After I change the rear tire, I will throw the center s away since it weights a tone and it’s pretty useless. I’ll have a center stand made somewhere that only installs on the right side and uses the stock stand to lift the wheels. Basically, a piece of metal rod with 2 nails that you can just stick in on the right side. πŸ™‚ I figured that I have to unload between 20-40lbs to be able to do around 100km\h on dirt roads without my front being all over the place.

      • Shocker says:

        What kind of tires are your running? Have you tried pumping them up to max pressure to stop the sidewalls from flexing? Sounds like you have too much weight at the back of the bike. Assume all of your suspension settings are at full max too

      • pimptrix says:

        On the front I have a new 606 and the back is the stock one for now. Gotta change it soon though to the 606 as well. Suspension on the back is at max, while the front one I don’t think it can be adjusted?! I was able to get the bike up to 100km\h fully loaded on a dirt road yesterday, but when I hit a few bumps I got thrown around pretty badly cause I had no suspension left on the back πŸ˜€

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