Ticket Scalping in Los Angeles 101 – 1st new skill

Posted: October 23, 2010 in USA

So, I made a few $ the other day and saw Marry J. Blige for free. Here’s how you do it… try to follow...

1- Get lost on the bus and end up around Universal Studios

2- Find out if there’s a concert going on around the city walk (Marry J. Blige in this case)

3- Ask people if they have any extra vouchers. These vouchers are given out by radio stations, promoters and they are free. They allow you to trade them in for a really low price ticket. 15$ per ticket in this case

4- Trade-in the vouchers for actual tickets at 15$ each.

5- Try to do 1-4 as much as possible.

5.1- Try to find other scalpers who are thinking they wont make any $. Negotiate tickets they have left and buy everything they have.

6 – Wait till the show starts and hopefully the box office sells out. Either way, they have crappy tickets left towards the end.

7- Sell the tickets for 30-50$ each.


After 1 hour of work, me and my partner (who showed me how to do all this) had bought 2 tickets at 15$, 2 at 10$ and I bought an extra one at 15$ for myself. We sold the 4 tickets we bought together for 160$ total. So we each invested 25$ and got back 80 for a net profit of 55$. Take out the 15$ I paid for my ticket, I get to see the show for free and I’m left with 40$ to spend on beer… 😉

KLR 650 Bike Trip USA 4

Next time you visit LA, you can do this every week-end as they have concerts going on all the time… Good luck!

  1. E- says:

    Your great business and marketing skills are undeniable! (all the way from computers to show business) Well-done! and even more so, considering it’s Hollywood, which already makes unjustifiably high amounts of money.

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