New Shoes

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Mexico

We left the small surf town of San Blas and it was a tough departure. Evan and Yosh left a day earlier to a volcanoe so me and Joe were headed that direction too.

Here is the main Plaza of San Blas that I haven’t posted earlier. Every town here has a main plaza, usually by the church, where people get to hang out. You can also find lots of cheap mobile food from vendors around this plaza.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 2

We rode up to this extinct volcano that had a good sized lake in the middle. There was a nice camping site right by the lake.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 8

The view from the campground:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 45

Next to this extinct volcano, there was another one not so extinct. You could see vapor coming out in a few places around the mountain but no lava to be seen. 😦

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 18

The road up to the active volcano. 15km of stone road. Riding up was a lot easier than going down.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 28

Had to go through a couple of these…. 1cm at a time…

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 43

The information center that once existed up there.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 32

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 20

And the view… along with the lava rock…

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 37

Back at the campground, I noticed that the bike was sitting quite low… as in totally flat…

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 47

So I changed the tire by myself while Joe and Yosh went fishing… The old tire needed to be changed pretty soon anyway. So now the bike has new oil and filter along with a nice new knobbie shoe on the back. It wouldn’t sit right on the rim no matter what I would try to do, but after a few twisties, it adjusted itself. The handling also improved on the bike from having to pull the thing with a roap into the corners to holly mother of @#$@ this bike can actually corner! I also lost a few pounds by getting rid of a tire and 2.5L of oil.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 46

After the camping by the lake, we all split up. Joe and Yosh went riding inland and I came up to Puerto Vallarta. It feels nice to be finally on my own again. The guys were cool and it’s been a great few weeks with them, but I do like doing things on my own as well. It’s nice to be able to stop wherever, do whatever… without having to make a group decision.

Here’s a pic from the road up to PV. As for here, I haven’t really taken any pics. It’s a huge tourist town, a bit more chill than Cancun but still full of Americans and tourist traps.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 54

  1. Adam says:

    Hey man, showing off some of your photos to my mates in Arizona and they were blown away. Fucking hot here! Keep riding those highways dude.


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