New Mexico Phone #

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Mexico

So I went out and got a prepaid sim. Only call if you’re in the area and wanna meet up or for emergencies pls as I only have a few minutes.

The # is: 315 110 3592

  1. alexandra says:

    you need to put in the country code first: 52

  2. alexandra says:

    i tried texting the number yesterday and today but it’s not going through so i tried calling just to see if it will ring: invalid phone number. are you sure you typed it in correctly?

  3. pimptrix says:

    That’s what the girl from the shop wrote down, but it might be wrong. I’ll have to find someone locally to text and see what comes up. Just use e-mail…

  4. katia says:

    So why don’t you send a SMS internationally since you know all of your ‘emergency’ contacts are overseas. 😛
    I’m sure your phone then will be posted correctly.

    I broke my finger so my texting have been dramatically decreased. 😦

  5. E- says:

    We are eagerly waiting for new posts and pics…
    Hope you are having a good time!

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