El Refugio De Potosi

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Friends, Mexico

El Refugio De Potosi

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 14


On the way to Barra De Potosi I was. About 250 some km to ride, meaning that with snack stops and gas, about 4 hours total. As I’m riding towards the beach, I come across El Refugio De Potosi. It’s a small educative refuge for animals, birds, insects and reptiles in need of attention and shelter. Since it was still a couple of hours before sunset, I decided to check it out. Laura is in charge or the refuge. She is the sweetest lady I have met on this trip yet. She tells me a bit about the refuge and hands me over to Tesie for a tour of the refuge. Tesi is super nice and knowledgeable. She is studying Biology in Victoria and doing her internship in Potosi. She takes the time to tell me about every living creature there.

After the tour, while talking about my trip, Laura asks me where I will be staying for the night. I was hoping to camp on the beach once again, but this town doesn’t have any campgrounds and everything seems to be pretty private. She offers me the option to set-up tent in the refuge. How can I refuse such an invitation?! It’s by far one of the coolest places one could camp at. I had access to clean bathrooms, a kitchen, hot showers, etc… And being surrounded by animals, birds and reptiles was awesome.

Once again Laura, thanks for your hospitality! It will be one of the best memories of my trip.

Here are some pictures I shot there:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 55

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 52

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 58

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 5

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 28

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 45

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 35

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 31

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 39

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 41

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 42

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 3

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 20

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 2

So I realized while loading my camera that I forgot to post a couple of important pictures.

They kinda have a mascot. She is the cutest and weirdest porcupine I have ever seen. So cuddly… her name is Lala

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 6

And finally and most importantly, they have found the remains of a Sperm Whale. I am not sure if I remember this correctly, but I believe Laura said that it was the largest one found in North America. It’s a huge discovery and the only resources they have are what you see in this picture. 🙂

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 20

  1. Steve says:

    I love the Praying Mantis photo! He looks really pissed! I’m digging the posts. I’m glad to see your doing well. I check the site daily for updates. I found your blog by hunting KLR photos on Flickr.com. God speed!

    • pimptrix says:

      Thanks Steve! I wish I could update it daily, but I lack internet in most places I camp… which is probably for the best anyway… Cheers and thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Awesome pics man, keep em coming.

    • pimptrix says:

      Where are you at now dood!?!? Come party in Mexico!

      • Adam says:

        I am partying in Mexico hombre! I’m in Mexico City at the moment. The women are unbelievable! . Nice sunset pics by the way

      • pimptrix says:

        lol, nice to hear dood! I might head over to Oaxaca tomorrow and then head south towards guatemala. I have to be in El Salvador for christmas and that doesn’t leave me much time for the rest of mexico and Guatemala… so much for not having a schedule! 😦

      • Adam says:

        Oaxaca is supposed to be a very cool place. I was supposed to go out to Guadalajara but my friends let me down – hate that shit. Trying to get about about Mexico City though – went to Teotihuacan the other day to see the pyramid temples – very cool. Have pics up on facebook (search under faceadza@hotmail.com). There’s the La Quema del Diablo festival in Guatemala on 7th December if you get down in time – well worth checking out.

      • pimptrix says:

        Oxaca is ok… it’s a colonial city that kinda reminds me of Europe, specially at night. I’m staying at a super modern hostel with LCD TVs, modern bathrooms and everything you would find in Europe or America at a nice hotel so I kinda feel like I’m back at home. I think one night was enough, it’s kinda destroying the Mexican “vibe” for me 🙂

  3. katia says:

    I love to see that you’re documenting your trip in natural ambiance. Pictures look amazing.

  4. E- says:

    Absolutely amazing photos and great narrative, thank you! Way better and more real and interesting than National Geographic or any other renowned and/or commercial travel websites. Keep on having great time and thanks for sharing!

  5. alexandra says:

    wtf is that thing that looks like a flying turtle? it’s the 2nd to last picture

  6. Judita says:

    i like your photos very much, congratulations and take care on your journey!

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