Posted: November 26, 2010 in Mexico

Staying right now at a really chill hostel in Puerto Escondido called La Buena Onda. They have cabins, dorms, and I’m the only one camping… for only 60 pesos a night (5$). The guys here built a really cool lil oasis. Taking pictures of it would be a bit hard but I may try later. For now, I will leave you with some sunsets from the past few days and a pic of Acapulco since I didn’t post anything about the party city… and a couple of pics from me camping in a small town right by the ocean again…


KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 103

Camping in a small town:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 112

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 108


KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 138

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 123

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 5

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 17

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 26

And finally, here is my favorite.

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 23

  1. Tiffany Shorson says:

    I love the pics! I hope you’re having a good time. You’re an amazing photographer… either that or you’re stealing the images and making them your own. LOL! Miss ya!

  2. Ali says:

    I could almost feel the warmth of Mexico in the amazing pictures. Thank Stefan.

  3. katia says:

    Wow they are way more magnificent than the sunrises that we saw in Kiev that’s for sure. I cannot wait take a stroll down a beautiful foreshore hand in hand. See you soon.<3

  4. alexandra says:

    Happy Birthday Katia!

    Stefan – Super Pics

  5. Ocean says:

    Amazing pics! Enjoy your summer on the Southern Hemisphere – it’s been below freezing up here in Oregon.

    • pimptrix says:

      Ahhhh…. freezing… hahaha I sleep in shorts and a t-shirt with only the bottom piece of my tent that acts as a mosquito net…. and most of the time it’s still too hot! 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Dam man, as i wake up and see a fresh batch of snow hitting the ground i’m not sure if these pics help. lol

        great shots man. i would love to be camping 10feet from the ocean……
        hows the water there, warm??

      • pimptrix says:

        Yeh man, the water is amazing! Usually warmer than the showers in most places I stay at.

        I’m in the mountains now though and it’s a bit chilly here. Took me 6 hours to do 250km 🙂

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