Mexico – A country you’ll love to visit and hate to leave…

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Mexico

I expected to do Mexico within less than a month and it has been I think close to 2. It’s a country that has everything from Americanized big cities to raw looking small towns, from flat deserts to rain forests and giant mountains… and lets not forget the beaches on the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean…

People in this vast country are really family oriented, quite religious, always there to help and over all some of the nicest people I have met on my travels. Out of all of Mexico, the only vulgar, demanding, unhappy and needy people I have seen were a few tourists in the larger cities. Safety wise, I haven’t felt in danger once. I haven’t heard gun shots, haven’t been threatened and haven’t met a single person who felt threatened. Even the police has been nice. Only had to bribe one set of cops 20$ for getting caught skinny dipping in San Blas with the other guys. I guess a bunch of guys going skinny dipping drunk in the middle of the night is Gay and illegal. Cops were happy to get 20$ and no harm was done. Besides that incident, I have been escorted by a police car at way over the speed limit for about 2 hours through the mountains while the officer would warn me of any dangers ahead on the road, would help me pass cars on double yellows and would show me if it was ok to pass on blind corners. We were also given a ride to a restaurant by an officer in Acapulco for free. Most of the police would show me thumbs up on the road and I even had the “Special Police” stop and talk to me before getting to the Guatemala border. Those guys looked like they came out of an action movie with all the gear and multiple guns. The road stops set-up by the army were hassle free for me. Some of the other guys got searched but really quickly. I got asked a few times where I was coming from and where I was going. Once I’d say Canada to Brazil, they would smile and show me to keep going.

There are a few things that don’t make sense in this country:

– A beer can be a lot cheaper in a restaurant than in a liquor store.
– Insurance for the bike would have been 200$ for a month, 170$ for 6 months but I only paid 120$ for the year.
– You can pay more for breakfast than for dinner and get twice as much food for dinner.
– Speed limits are there for…?
– Passing the police while they are doing the speed limit is OK.
– Speed bumps on roads where you can’t go more than 30km\h anyway.
– Hooker hotels are cleaner and cheaper than family oriented hotels, and they come with a free private garage.
– In this “poor” country, you can have WIFI on a long bus ride.
– I know I’m missing a few… I’ll update as I remember them.

For those people who like to go on Vacations in the US… go to Mexico instead. It’s cheaper, SAFER, people are nicer and the country is way more fun. There’s a place for everybody in Mexico.

  1. Steve says:

    Ouch, I’m digging your blog and photos, but starting to feel the anti-U.S. barbs! I’m from Orlando, Fl…the vacation capital of the world. I’ve lived here my whole life. I have also been to Mexico and have to strongly disagree that Mexico is safer than the U.S. What are you using as your measure for “safer?” Did you spend a lot of time in Mexico City? How about Juarez? Did you sleep in a tent in either city? Why did you have to buy additional insurance for your bike? You said in an earlier post that people shouldn’t be “media bags.” I think you’ve been listening to the media about what they report on the U.S. Here’s a statistic for you…the murder rate for Mexico in 2004 was 13 murders per 100,000 people. The US had only 5 per 100,000. I agree that there are a few scuzzy places in the U.S., but there scuzzy places there as well. You’ve just not visited them. I don’t know what experiences you’ve had in the U.S. to make you feel this way about us, but I assure you that we aren’t as bad as you make us out to be. The U.S. is an awesome place to live! Mexico vs. U.S…..hmmmmm, what would happen if we opened up the borders? Would we see a sea of people running north or south? I’m sure you know the answer.

    I pray that the rest of your journey runs as smooth as it’s been thus far, but please don’t drop your guard just because you’ve had it good up to this point.

    • pimptrix says:

      Hey Steve. Thanks for the long reply. I have lived for 5 years in the US and have seen both coasts from top to bottom, including the larger cities on both sides. I have also been many times to Orlando FL. Not really sure if it’s the vacation capital of the world though? These past few years it has been pretty empty and the Orlando economy is one that has suffered enormous amounts. My understanding is that the US wants to keep it’s people inside to sustain it’s own economy and for that they bash every other place out there. It’s somewhat working because everyone is scared to get out of their lil cocoon. I just want to let the people out there know that what they are fed is pure BS. Your pure and free Capitalist country has such an advanced propaganda system that it can play around with it’s citizens however it wishes.

      I hope you didn’t take offense in my post as it wasn’t meant towards you directly but in general to the country you live in. You country has been able to advertise itself internationally as the good guys and everyone else is a bad guy. When you produce over 50% of the weapons used around the world, noone is really gonna disagree I guess…. If the biggest and most powerful bully in your class will hold you by your neck and make you say that he’s a good guy, you’ll agree.

      The US is a nice country to go on vacation, but there are many other less expensive options that have a lot more to offer. I would say that Mexico is one of them.

  2. Hadrian says:

    Not all the Mexican’s want to go to US… so don’t said that if the border been open you gonna see a sea of people… must of the Mexican that visit your country expend a lot of money there, shopping, at casinos, etc… just remember MEXICO is not the people that mow or the guy that clean your table in a restaurant or maids… MEXICO are people that work for their country, and as in every country MEXICO have red zones too… I’m so proud for been a Mexican, and I know that there are a lot of Americans that would love to have my live, cause I really have a good one and I just go to your country when I want to buy some Victoria Secret’s, or shopping, or for theatre, cause we don’t have those stores or plays here.

    So please, don’t insult my people… and Stefan, I agree with you, we are a such friendly people, we love family, and we always help and treat good our tourist.

  3. Adam says:

    I’ve only been here a fraction of the time you have but I couldn’t agree more. Good luck in Guatemala!

  4. Steve says:

    Hey, no offense. I wasn’t trying to offend Mexicans. I have no problem with them. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I rather like culture and most of the country. It is beautiful in many areas. I was just replying to the jabs that have been posted about my beautiful country. I understand it’s your blog and your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, your views of my country are rather skewed and opinionated. It is impossible to argue about “opinions.” I can only argue facts. Fact is that America is a great place to live. That is why we have so many immigrants (illegal and legal) living here. If Mexico and everywhere else is so darn great, than why in the world do we have so many immigrants here? Why do illegal immigrants travel thousands of miles to come here and live and work? Why do we need border patrol to keep people out? Does Mexico have an illiegal US immigrant problem? Why wouldn’t all the immigrants just stay in the countries if it’s so great? Oh…they want to take advantage of our capitalist system. Wait…isn’t Canada a capitalist system as well? Do you not have privately-run businesses that make a profit? Would you rather have a communist system where the populous is really kept in the dark and fed BS? Not me…I’ll keep this system thank you. Again…no offense, just my opinion.
    Be safe and keep it upright and between the ditches! 🙂 Take care.

    • alexandra says:

      I would like to begin by stating that I too lived in the US. I did enjoy it very much and I don’t particularly hold anything against it since this country does ensure my my splendid way of life. And if anyone was to be a super power, I would still prefer America next to just about any country. HOWEVER, holding a global view in mind, the US, its corporations and downright corrupt government should be held accountable.

      First of all, the reason why so many poor countries are suffering around the world IS because of your great super power country – the great big US of A. I cannot begin to give you enough ACCURATE examples – not opinions of fiction – of what it has done to Latin America (just for the purpose of this blog). You can take your capitalism and false democracy (patriot act I and II, homeland security) and shove it up your cocoon. How many democracies have you ruined? And by that I mean places where you overthrew governments in favors of dictators. Now lets get talking about multinationals. You went South (now moved to China), paid next to nothing, used up all the resources and are continuing to do that same exact thing world wide in order to protect your way of life – at the expense of others. Our most basic needs are now held by a few monopolies (thanks to capitalism). I cannot begin to explain how inhumane that is. Yes, people ARE crossing north of the border – not because they prefer the US but because America left them next to nothing and is continuing to ensure that this is the case. They are just trying to survive. I clearly remember the propaganda that I have been fed all my life and like MANY Americans, I am tired of it. I have NOTHING against Americans – they are wonderful people. But if we start talking about their “hands off” capitalistic (monopolizing) internal and unfortunately foreign policy, then it becomes a human right issue.

      • Steve says:

        Hey Alexandra,
        You said it quite nicely…”And if anyone was to be a super power, I would still prefer America next to just about any country.” Thank you. I agree with that! It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best one going today. Now, let’s move on and get back to some lighthearted travel updates.
        This political stuff is getting too heavy. 🙂

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