oMaps for iPhone travelers

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Tools

There is a mapping software worth mentioning for all you iPhone travelers. It’s called oMaps and you can download it from the iTunes store for 2$ or “free” if you have a jailbroken iPhone with installous.

The software uses similar maps to Google maps and allows you to download them to your iPhone so that you can use them offline. It’s really useful, specially in central America where even Google maps doesn’t have much on smaller cities and towns. You do need a decent speed Wifi to download the somewhat large cache files.

Google maps has nothing on the town I’m in now plus you have to be online to access the restricted Google. oMaps uses an open map system and has every street in this town.

  1. katia says:

    You can download the towns that you are visiting there via this program? And it’s actually going to have a map? Impressive, I thought it would only support larger cities.

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