Rainfall in America chart

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Tools

I told a few people about this chart and kept forgetting to post it. I didn’t make it, someone from another forum I think. I copied it on my laptop a long time ago.

Anyway, what this chart shows is the rainfall throughout the year by American countries. It’s a useful tool I find to plan your trip.

  1. katia says:

    Very informative, where did you come across it? Do they have the one with the snowfall across Canada? : )

    • alexandra says:

      i miss snow. i think about snow ALL day. christmas month at 25 degrees and no pine trees just doesn’t cut it. decorating cactus is not nearly as much fun as i thought it would be

  2. katia says:

    Hahahaha would you like me to ship you some? It can be your Xmas gift from me. How much would like, we can turn this into the profit like they did in Montreal a few years ago. Still can’t believe it. : )
    Where are you now? They have cactus in Greece?

    • alexandra says:

      there’s so much cactus in greece. i had to pee at an outdoor rave in athens last summer and since it was night time, you couldn’t see much. i saw this thing like looked like a giant aloe and went to hide behind it. i pulled down my pants and next thing i knew, i was screaming. i had so many of those spikes up my leg, people thought i was dancing the whole night – i was really just jumping to feel the jeans rub up my leg since I was itching so badly.

      can u ship me a xmas tree too? i’ll send u cactus fruit in return – they’re unjustifiably expensive in canada and i’ve got hundreds of them right outside our door.

  3. alexandra says:

    Stefan – go to town. It should be hectic – Guatemala soccer playoffs!

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