Posted: December 15, 2010 in Guatemala

For the next week or so, I’ll be releasing baby turtles in Hawaii Park. The guys here release about 40 000- 60 000 baby turtles a year, so I’ll be here trying to help. The internet is really slow, and other people are waiting to use it, so I can’t post many pics. Once I get to Salvador, I’ll write more about the turtles and also about a pretty shitty day I had a few days ago… Everything is good though and life is relax and beautiful here.

  1. katia says:

    We are going to find a beach with turtles in El Salvador, ask the locals if they know some spots down there. What happened? Shitty day? You didn’t run into poachers did you?

    • pimptrix says:

      I’ll ask here and see what they know about Salvador. It looks like on Sunday I’ll be going with some of the people here to another Turtle station closer to the Salvador border.

      • katia says:

        Inet doesn’t have much about El Salvador beached and turtles. Just farms, where you can release them into the wild, nothing like what you are doing now. So ask the locals. Did you end up going to that beach? What route are you taking to cross the boarder?

  2. alexandra says:

    woohoo! drama on the blog! let it all out stefan!

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