Merry Christmas

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Guatemala, Uncategorized

Last night I had the pleasure of having Christmas in the small town of La Barona, Guatemala. I was under the impression that Christmas was all about invading the malls where a fake santa sits surrounded by nicely packed boxes and shiny things while kids are thought from a young age by sitting on his big fat lap that wanting and getting “stuff” is what this holiday is all about. Or maybe that it’s a holiday created by the same religious nuttjobs who called Mary a virgin and decided to create some of the best selling books in the world while killing millions of people in the name of Jebus and invading whole countries/continents.

You got it, I can’t stand Christmas… but for the first time in many years, I wasn’t pissed off during this “precious” time of the year. I was actually enjoying my night. In this small town I was in, kids didn’t get expensive gifts, or any at all really. They had free food they all shared, a few pinatas filled with candy and some get togethers. The teenagers went dancing at night and the parents arranged for the food and activities. No one talked about going to the mall or shopping. It was a nice and simple night.

I hope that all you mall invading freaks had a joyful Christmas as well and that you brought back up the cheerful retail shareholders portfolios by a few points.

Some pass time videos in the christmas spirit…

A cute one

An informative one

Another one with kids

  1. E- says:

    Glad you found the Christmas spirit and that you had a wonderful time!
    We also enjoyed a nice Christmas in Arad, Romania, with excellent free Christmas carols concert on the street, nice kiosks selling local food and wine at reasonable prices, and kids playing joyfully around Christmas trees and just enjoying the Holidays!
    Merry Christmas and Happy St. Stefan!

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