Lago de Yojoa

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Honduras

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 28

People from Copan told me that Lago de Yojoa was worth checking out and they were right. It’s the largest lake in Honduras that’s surrounded by natural beauty.

Before getting to the lake, about 10 km out, there are the hot springs called Aguas Termales de Azacualpa. Not sure how easy it is getting there by bus, but with my KLR it was not a problem at all. Part of the road is pretty bad but not impossible. I did spend the night there, camping on the property right by the entrance to the waters. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one from the owners there. Make sure you lock up everything though as I had my oldschool iPod stolen that I left in my blue tank bag. I think it might be the owner’s son who snatched it but I can’t really point fingers at anyone else but myself for not locking it up with the rest. I didn’t really use it anyway and it was about 7 years old.

The hot springs are 100% natural. There is even a sauna in a cave like tunnel. The water is REALLY hot that is coming out and so are the rocks. Make sure you wear sandals or some shoes. The hot water does mix with the chill river, so if you look carefully, you can find spots that wont burn you and will be really pleasant.

Here’s some pics:

The vapor in the tunel

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 11

I met Francisco there with his family. Had a blast with him and his kids and nephews.

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 12

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 13

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 14

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 15

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 16

This guy was pretty cool too

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 17

Hot water mixing with the cold river

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 18

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 20

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 21

Natural sauna with a hint of sulphur

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 22

Front flip off the rock. That guy looks like a total idiot. The water is deep enough, about 2M but check it out first to know where it’s deep and where the rocks are…

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 23

The sunset… one of my fav. pics

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 25

Grandpa and his big gun

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 27

The next day, I headed over to the lake where I had the best fish ever…

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 29

… with the whole restaurant to myself

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 30

And I camped by the Pulhapanzak Falls where I also had the whole park at night to myself. I even had my own “private” security guard. If you visit the falls and have camping gear, it’s worth the over night stay for 2.50$

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 31

And of course, the falls

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 32

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 33

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 34

This guy was checking out the falls too from way up high

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 35

  1. Evan says:

    Hey man,

    I see your in Honduras. are you heading out to the bay Islands? Roatan or Utila?
    I spent x mas on Roatan, was awsome. best cup of coffee in west bay at the wet spot. Michelle, the main america women who workds there is a riot. if you go there, tell her the three stuges say hi.
    Safe travels man, hope to see you on the road soon.
    I just entered Costa Rica today.

    • pimptrix says:

      Going to Utila for now. I will maybe go up to Roatan as well but I think one island will be enough. You are WAYYYY ahead of me buddy! 😀 Have fun man, and if you decide to stay somewhere and work for a few months, maybe I’ll catch up!

  2. Adam says:

    Great pictures man, Honduras looks amazing. I’m in New Zealand now – beautiful country too.

  3. katia says:

    The sunset picture is amazing. I’m glad to see that you’ve found a waterfall that has a bit more water than the one we saw.

  4. Iuliia says:

    I miss You Stepashka!!!)))

  5. Iuliia says:


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