La Ceiba to Puerto Lempira

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Honduras

Most travelers go south from La Ceiba and enter Nicaragua that way. Initially, that was my plan as well. At the hostel before heading out to Utila, I had the chance to meet Cass, a British guy traveling on a bicycle from Alaska to Argentina, who told me that there are cargo ships that go to Puerto Lempira. When I got off the ferry coming back, I went and talked to some captains about it. After some negotiating and much trouble, we decided on 1300 limps for me and 1500 limps for the bike to do the journey. It comes out to about 150$ total. The total time of the journey was about 3 days and 3 nights and an amazing experience.

The 90 foot by 20 foot cargo ship. Everything on it was loaded by hand piece by piece.

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 264

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 266

The captains

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 274

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 276

Some of the cargo. Most of it was gasoline and my bike was sitting on these barrels the whole time. I didn’t even see a single extinguisher on the ship, although with this much gasoline, it wouldn’t make a difference. Some of the barrels were also really hard, as if they were filled with something solid instead of liquid, but I wasn’t there to ask questions…. 😉

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 285

My bike covered up

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 290

We stopped about half way at a “port” where these fiberglass speed boats would come up to the ship and unload it barrel by barrel and piece by piece. I was fishing pretty much the whole time but only caught some small ones…

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 291

Back out sailing as night fell

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 299

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 322

My 5 star hotel bed

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 324

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 325

And the billion star view

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 331

One of the captain’s sons

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 354

And my clean shaved look after the 3 days

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 377

In Puerto Lempira, we unloaded the bike into a lancha and got it to land that way. The actual port is kinda broken. Had to pay the guy in the lancha some money too but oh well. Got it to land nice and safe.

  1. katia says:

    How’s your back after this 5 start bed? Your clean 3 day look I think is becoming a pimptrix trend. 😛 and do you really need extinguishers when you’ve got that billion dollar view all around you? 🙂

  2. alexandra says:

    thats a lot of limping. thank god you get around on a bike 😉

  3. alexandra says:

    ugh, why can’t i get a machete too! you dont even need a registration for that. the closest i’ve ever come to a big knife is Japanese, and it sits in the kitchen courtesy
    of Mr. Stefan

  4. Dan says:

    good ol pallet bed ,with custom cardboard Sweet!

  5. swamp says:

    Excellent travel info. Thanks man.

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