Utila Island and La Ceiba

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Honduras

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 202

From the garden, I headed east towards La Ceiba. I found a hostel there called Banana Republic which is just a good place to spend the night before catching the ferry to one of the islands like Roatan and Utila. I was able to securely leave the bike there for 3$ a night as well. La Ceiba itself doesn’t have much going on for it. It’s also really unsafe. One of the guys in the hostel had a big badade on his neck because he went out the night before and coming out of the bar got mugged. Some local guys put a knife to his neck for his cash. The knife was sharp enough that he nedded a few stiches so the police brought him to the hospital. Moral of the story is, go to La Ceiba, don’t hang out at night and wait to party till you get on the islands.

Once on the island, things change dramatically. Everyone is chilled out, pretty friendly, drives around on scooters or golf carts and you totally forget that you’re in Honduras, the most dangerous country in Central America. You can walk the streets at any time of the night, go out and party, scuba dive some of the most amazing reefs in America and have a space cake or 2.

I stayed at Alton’s dive shop which I think is one of the best places on the island. I upgraded my open water license to Advanced so now I can dive down to 40m, do some basic wreck diving and night diving as well. While you do a course, you stay there for free. If you go out diving without a course, it’s 58$ for 2 tanks and once again you get a night for free. You can use their kayaks and snorkel gear while you’re there for free too. My advancd also only cost me 259$.

You can also find some awesome mushroom honey on the island as well as anything else that might catch your interest. Just ask at the bar at Alton’s and they can point you into the right direction… 😉 Going down to 40m after some good ganja was quite the experience….

I didn’t take too many pictures as walking around with a 1000$ camera while not totally sober is not always a good idea… you could forget it somewhere and it might fly away.

My roommates…

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 196

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 197


KLR 650 Trip Honduras 198

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 200

This is how we cut the bread here in Honduras

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 199

The chill spot…. from the top part you can also go jumping or diving into the water. It’s about 3m deep. At night, there’s noone around and skinny dipping is a possible dish on the menu too.

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 208

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 234

Some more HDR lovin

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 237

This is Shay from Edmonton. A rig pig that’s actually putting his money to good use so he travels a lot. It was a blast hanging out with him.

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 239

My scuba instructor Chris

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 245

Some things to remember…

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 246

When I decided to leave, the ferry got cancelled twice, so I was “stuck” there for one more day and night…. the next morning we decided to use up some of the food left over and cooked up this sweet breakfast. Pancakes with honey and butter finger topping. Some pineapple, white kitcat and a piece of space cake on the side. 😉

KLR 650 Trip Honduras 258

  1. katia says:

    You should really think about becoming a chef for ‘munchies’ food, a sandwich with nutella at burning man, now this kitkat pancakes. Which tasted better? 😛

  2. I posted this on our facebook page, and tons of former customers say they would love to have your photo of Alton’s Dive Center at their house! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! http://www.facebook.com/DiveAltons

    • pimptrix says:

      No problems, you can download that picture and print it out if you’d like. As long as you don’t sell it in any form, it’s free to use. If sold, I get 20% royalties! 😀

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