Granada and Leon

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Nicaragua

From Juigalpa, I headed over to Leon, but I had to stop in Managua to get the paperwork done on my bike. It’s a simple 30 day temporary visa which I couldn’t get at the Leymus border crossing. Like always, the paperwork took hours and it was 5pm by the time I got out. It was getting dark fast, so I decided to head over to Granada for the night as it was only 30 minutes away. I ended up staying there for 2 nights and then headed over to Leon. Both towns are old school colonial tourist attractions. Lots of hostels and locals who want your cash. You will get hassled, offered things, talked into “charity”… but you will have a great time. I really liked Leon for it’s night life and close by beaches.

Here are some building shots…

An old and abandoned hospital

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 2

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 20

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 23

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 26

And a church

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 53


    Hola! Como esta? Soy Luis el que vive en San Carlos estado Cojedes Venezuela nos conocimos en el seniat de Guarero antes de llegar a Maracaibo
    le doy mi numero de telefono para que me contacte cuando este de regreso por San Carlos
    04164603092 04263230382 o por este medio el email es de una tia de mi señora.
    Espero que estes disfrutando de nuestro pais. saludos

    • pimptrix says:

      Gracias Luis! Yo podría estar llegando a San Carlos de mañana, pero no estoy seguro de en torno a qué hora. Si No será demasiado tarde voy a llamar, pero como he dicho, no estoy muy seguro de cómo va a funcionar.


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