Isla Ometepe

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Nicaragua

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 79

My final destination in Nicaragua was Isla Ometepe. It’s an island made out of 2 volcanoes with lakes in the crater. The island is pretty and chill. It has lots of tourists but definitely less gringos per capita than San Juan Del Sur.

The 1 hour ferry ride was under 10$ for me an the bike. I think it cost me around 7$ to the island and about 4-5$ on the way back. Yes, different prices depending on how they feel like charging you. But it’s definitely worth getting your bike on the island. You can cover a lot more surface for cheaper in less time once there. I was able to do the water falls and the natural swimming pool in one day while riding the bike all around the smaller volcano on the bad rocky road.

On the way in, I had the only vehicle on the ship

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 65

The view from the “hotel”

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 104

And the view from my “room”

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 110

This is pretty much all for Nicaragua. I’m in Monteverde, Coasta Rica now and more on that will come later. Internet seems to be somewhat rare in a lot of the places I visit or at least the cheap ones I stay in, so posts might come in big waves like this one once I find a decent connection…

  1. alexandra says:

    Conception (once named Ometepe volcano) erupted in 2010. It is the world’s highest lake island. This volcano is considered the most perfectly formed volcano cone in Central America.


  2. Vlad says:

    Are you sure you are the one making those photos? They are really impressive!

  3. katia says:

    the view from the ‘hotel’ is like amazing, for some reason it’s making me think of Chernobyl…not sure why??!? 🙂

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