Posted: March 1, 2011 in Nicaragua

In Leon, I met up with Indira, Julio’s sister. Julio is one of my best friends in Calgary. We hung out for a couple of nights in Leon and then she invited me over to Managua to stay over at her parent’s house and go out on the week-end for some partying. Julio’s family showed me an amazing hospitality and I still can’t thank them enough for it.

Here are some pics from my Managua stay…

Indira on the right and her 2 best friends. We went out to a local bar in the SW part of Managua.

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 2 (1)

Marcos, Julio’s best friend

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 3

Besides partying, we also went and visited a couple of local volcanoes.

Here are the pics from the active Volcano Masaya

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 132

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 141

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 147

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 157

And a picture from Volcan Mombacho. You couldn’t really see the volcano, just walk around it and see really nice views of the surrounding area.

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 12

  1. alexandra says:

    You are SO dark Stefan! I always knew mommy and daddy adopted you from the gypsies. Look at you…nomadic lifestyle 😉 ay dios mio! vamos bailar!

  2. Vlad says:

    Alexandra might be right :)))

  3. Csabi says:

    Janes romanes pralo ?

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