Costa Rica

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Costa Rica

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 57

Welcome to Costa Rica… now bend over and give us all your cash…

At least that’s how I felt the first few days after crossing over. Coming from countries like Nicaragua and Honduras, crossing over into Costa Rica I felt dirt poor. Prices are through the roof on anything and everything from food to lodging and especially if you want to do any touristic stuff. In the past years, while the US was struggling to keep up it’s stock market numbers driven failing economy, many of it’s citizens decided to invest elsewhere… and no better place than Costa Rica. The coast is filled with American and European owned businesses, houses, mansions, private resorts… while the inner part has farms owned by people from the same countries. It has got to a point where if you talk to the locals, they feel like the strangers in their own country. They can’t afford to buy land, to build a house… or to even open up a small business. Large corporate monopoly type stores and names can be seen a lot more here as well than in the other Central American countries.

If you want to come to Costa Rica because the media says it’s safer than it’s neighbors, learn not to listen to the media. When it comes to getting robbed, I think you have as much chance here as in Honduras, although it might be done less violently. As the poor have become poorer throughout the years, they have started stealing a lot more. Go to Nicaragua instead where people are nicer, it’s safer and a lot cheaper.

So after much ranting, here are some pics I took up to now….

Right as I entered CR, I had to start looking for a place to sleep. One of the first things after the border was a provincial park called Santa Rosa. Usually those are nice and cheap places to pitch a tent… Here the entrance fee is 10$ for outsiders (2$ for locals) while camping is 2$. So my cost for camping for the night was 12$. But in the morning I woke up to this… so it was kinda worth it. 🙂

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 28

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 25

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 33

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 34

KLR 650 Trip Nicaragua 42

After the park, I headed down to do the Nicoya peninsula. The peninsula itself was a great ride on mainly gravel and dirt roads but I ran out of batteries for my camera so no pics. Not much to take pictures of anyway. Some Americanized beaches on the North W side with some more raw ones on the SE side. After the peninsula, I headed up into the mountains and stayed in Monteverde for a couple of nights. I visited a national cloud forest park there where just to walk the trails by yourself the cost was 14$. I always thought that Banff was expensive! Here’s some pics shot along the trails

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 5

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 9

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 11

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 13

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 14

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 16

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 17

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 26

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 29

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 31

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 36

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 39

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 18

Here is the Volcano view from La Fortuna side

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 60

  1. Ocean says:

    Hey Stefan,
    Thanks for your updates. It’s been great following your progress, and of course your pictures are the coolest. I’ll be heading back down the coast on my Miyata bike soon, but not as far as you are destined.

  2. E- says:

    Well, I guess that the camping rate also included the fees for your roommates 😉
    Your photos and reporting are the best and most informative! Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Looking forward to new episodes. Take care and continue enjoying your great adventure!

  3. katia says:

    awe i love your roomies hehe i take it you are nicely groomed now and lice free? 🙂

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