Costa Rica Natural beauties and Corcovado National Park

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Costa Rica

Besides it’s many tourists and elevated prices, Costa Rica is known to have some of the best biological diversity in the world. The best way to see that is by visiting it’s national parks… which once again are not cheap. Most parks charge a 10$ entry fee for tourists.

Next to Dominical beach, I did find a nice small park with a water fall and a natural swimming pool which was only 1$ and then I headed over to Corcovado National Park.

From the Caribbean back to the Pacific, I had to cross the mountains. The highest point my GPS was showing was just over 3300 meters. The bike was feeling pretty powerless at that altitude but was still pulling hard enough. Here is the view from 3000 meters.

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 9

Here is the waterfall next to Dominical. It was also a natural slide and you could jump off the rocks if you had the balls. Only a couple of us jumped off.

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 29

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 33

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 35

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 38

The natural swimming pool. There was also a rope so you could do the tarzan

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 41

Picture taken on the way to Corcovado National Park

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 50

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 55

And finally in Corcovado National Park. It’s probably one of nicest parks in CR. A few things to remember before going….

Make reservations in advance. It’s a bit of a complicated process. You can e-mail them and they will send you a form. Once you complete it and send it back, they will send you an invoice. You take that invoice and bring it to the National Bank where you will pay the entrance fee along with the camping fee. Entrance is 10$ and camping is 4$. You take all the paperwork to the park with you. Another way is to go to Puerto Jimenez and there is an office there where you can make reservations. If you don’t reserve ahead, you will be turned around from the park and you have a long ride back to Puerto. The park itself is not accessible by vehicle. If you’re on a moto or in a car, you can leave it at the small store by the entrance to the park for a “small fee” of 5$. The guy there will look after it. Then you have to walk to the first park entrance which is 1 hour away on the beach as it’s the only trail to get in. If you make reservations for 2 nights, don’t make any for the first night as the guys in the park will let you camp there the first night for free if you arrive right before sunset. So you can save yourself 14$. I only paid for 2 days and 2 nights but stayed 3 nights.

Here’s some pics from the park

The “trail” to the first camping point

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 58

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 72

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 85

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 99

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 118

In the middle of the jungle, we found some old tombs

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 111

I really liked these little guys

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 122

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 126

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 131

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 133

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 136

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 139

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 141

Army ants (gotta watch out for them)

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 144

This guys dug out and ate all the turtle eggs from a nest

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 163

We saw a few of these monkeys

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 199

More beach

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 213

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 221

One of the only rivers you can swim in. The rest have sharks that come up to fee on high tide.

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 228

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 230

These guys were everywhere. Always in groups of 2 and fighting a lot.

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 255

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 257

After the park, I headed over to the Golfito for a night. There I met again one of my buddies from earlier in the Costa Rica trip named Alejandro. He is from Argentina and one of my best friends from the trip. I’ll see him again once I head down to his home country. We spend the next couple of nights on Pavone beach which has the longest left wave for surfing. Definitely a spot to check out. I didn’t take any pictures though as I kept leaving the camera at the hotel.

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 269

KLR 650 Trip Costa Rica 275

I finally made the crossing into Panama. More to come on that later…

  1. E- says:

    All looks great, as always in your blogs, but the water slide seems as a really nice experience!

  2. E- says:

    Great addition of the picture to the home page!

  3. E- says:

    Very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    Congratulations for three very successful decades!!! and lots of health, happiness, and satisfactions for the coming ones!!!!
    Wherever life’s roads take you, enjoy the ride and live it to the fullest!
    The Florescus

  4. Vlad & Natalia says:

    Happy Birthday Stefan! Indeed a very special birthday probably celebrated as you wished.

    I have emailed you something you might find useful on your long trip.

  5. eddie says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Wonderful blog!

  6. JUDITA says:

    I wish you also “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you know I remember you when I used to take you from home and go to kinder garten and you always ran ahead, and i was scared quite a few times because i tought you might get hurt. Seems that the years have passed by i got old, you grown up and now you have the oportunity to see wonderful places. I wish you all th ebest and take care, Judith

  7. Vlad & Natalia says:

    Happy Birthday Stefan!

    I think you are having a very special birthday, probably the best ever.

    We wish you to enjoy every moment!

    Have fun and be happy! Thank you for being such a great friend!

  8. Alexandra says:

    Hi!! Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry I didn’t write it yesterday but I was baking your cake ALL day. I will email you a picture 🙂

  9. pimptrix says:

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes! I just got ahold of some reliable internet! It was a nice and calm 30th… like all 30th should be once you’re on the old side of the counter…

    Cheers again!


  10. Alexandra says:

    you are NOT old. why in the world would you think that? 30 is a very young age in the 21st century. you have your life ahead of you – and you clearly know how to enjoy it. you have another 10 years AT LEAST until you have to start worrying about “getting older.” xoxox love and live it up! life is a highway! no dead ends so far 😉

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