Valledupar Colombia

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Colombia

I wanted to head over to Venezuela, but Katia said she had some airmiles to use up so she was coming to visit me for a few days in Santa Marta. Since I had a few days to use up before her arrival I decide to go and do a short loop around the mountains.

I kept riding with Josh up to Riohacha and we spent the night there. Then we separated and I went inland while he rode up to the peninsula and from there to Venezuela. I rode from Riohacha up to Valledupar, a small city that doesn’t see too many gringo tourists.

In Riohacha, the fisherman just returning with the catch of the day

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 121

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 126

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 125

Lunch I had on the way to Valledupar

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 129

In Colombia, I feel a lot like in Romania as you can see Dacia cars everywhere. Old ones, new ones… some even really pimped up ones. Colombia probably has about the same number of Dacias as Romania, so I took a few pictures while having lunch just for a good laugh

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 130

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 135

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 136

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 137

I rode into a small town and there was this cool church there too

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 139

In Valledupar, I tried to find a hotel downtown but they were all pretty expensive. It so happened that when I arrived was the first night of a big Accordion festival, one of the biggest ones in South America. I didn’t even know that Accordion festivals existed?! I was also starting to look for a front tire for the KLR as the thread was getting really low. It’s not an easy job to find a 21″ 90\90 tire around here.

As I was riding from bike shop to bike shop, I ended up in front of this one

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 144

And this is where I met Edgar, a new brother! He didn’t have the tire I was looking for, but after I told him that the hotels in town were out of my budget, he offered me to stay over at his place for a couple of nights so that I could check out the town and the festival. I couldn’t refuse such a generous offer! What I didn’t know was that in order for me to stay over at his place, he had to have his wife and 2 month old baby stay over at his mother’s house. Seriously, how many people do you know that would go out of their way this much to help a stranger they just met?!

We went to the accordion festival that night and had a blast. No pictures of the festival as I didn’t bring the camera. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. They had national and international groups playing and they were pretty good, I have to say. I also tried for the first time their local liquor called Aguardiente.

Edgar, thanks again for everything bro! Had an amazing time!

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 219

Next to Edgar’s store, there was also a small bike repair shop run by Dan.

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 160

And a billiards place where workers go to shoot some pool during lunch time or really any time of the day…

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 154

… unless they’re busy working 😀

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 147

The next day, Dan invited me over to his house where his wife cooked us an amazing supper. After eating, we went for a swim by the local river with his family. Had a great day and got to enjoy some local fun.

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 181

Dan’s brother

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 148

Wife and kids

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 168

At 6 years old, he’s already a biker

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 166

Dan’s brother and lil girl

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 180

Fun by the river

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 204

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 201

I just realized that I don’t have any pictures of Edgar’s family. I didn’t have my camera when we went to visit. Gotta take some next time.

Guys, thanks again for the great time and hospitality! I had an incredible time in Valledupar.

  1. Olimpiu says:

    Salut stefan intru din cand in cand sa vad pe unde ai mai ajuns Ma bucur ca esti bine si sanatos Sper sa nu ai probleme nici de acum incolo E foarte tare tripul tau am impresia ca citesc o carte de aventura Sper sa te prind prin america de sud anul asta as vrea sa vin sa ne intalnim pe acolo Cand te intorci in canada ai sa vi cu bike ul sau cu avionul??? Mult succes in continuare si distractie placuta Olimpiu

    • pimptrix says:

      Ce mai faci baiete?! Nu am mai auzit de mult de la tine!

      Haide in sud cind poti. Este fain aici, mai fain decit in Canada! 🙂

      De intors nu stiu inca cum o sa ma intorc, poate o sa trimit motocycleta dar se poate ca o sa o vind daca gasesc cumpoarator.

  2. Ali Gauher Khan says:

    Very cool !

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