In the mountains with Yesid

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Colombia

From Venezuela, I crossed back into Colombia through the Cucuta Border. Spent the night in Cucuta, a city that is a bit dirty, messy, and seems dangerous, although everyone says that it’s one of the safer cities as they don’t want a bad rep with tourists. Either way, it was getting a bit late and I wanted to renew my temporary import papers for the bike for another 60 days, so I slept there in a jail cell like hotel room.

The next day, after renewing the paperwork for the bike (for free btw), I started riding the Colombian mountains. After a few hours, mainly through deep fog riding where I couldn’t see more than 2 feet in front of the bike, I ended up in Bucaramanga. A pretty large city that did seem pretty clean and looked nice from the top of the mountain. This is also the last place where you can buy Venezuelan black market gas for cheaper than at the gas stations.

While riding through the streets and trying to find a hotel, I saw a bike shop with a tone of tires. I stopped there and sure enough they had 3 different tires for the size I needed which I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. The owner was just shooting a video as well for a TV channel where they have a show going on. He interviewed me too, even though my Spanish is nowhere near TV quality.

While in front of the bike shop, talking to everyone who was trying to pull my brains out about the trip, Yesid shows up with a small 100cc bike and we start chatting. Turns out he has a Yamaha 600 sitting at home and invites me to spend the night over at his place in a town near by, and then the next day go out riding up by his chalet in the mountains, so I can’t refuse such a cool offer.

We end up stopping by his mom’s house where I have the best stuffed potato ever! He also hooks me up with a free Pirelli rear tire that he doesn’t need from the Yamaha. We go back to his place where he has a gym, an internet cafee and other business and I meet the rest of the family. They treat me so nice it’s unbelievable. The next day we go up to the mountain roads by his chalet. I end up spending 2 nights there and enjoy 100% pure colombian mountain culture. We ride around, talk to his neighbors, drink coffee, drink LOTS of coffee, watch the views…

I’ll just let the pictures do the talking from here on…

Bucaramanga fron the hill top

KLR 650 Trip Venezuela 106

Yesid’s Challet

KLR 650 Trip Venezuela 116

Yesid with the Yamaha 600

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 2

Pictures from around the neighborhood

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 7

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 8

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 9

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 12

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 16

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 21

This is Peter, his father in law. He takes care of the Challet when Yesid is not there. Super nice and relaxed guy.

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 48

The breathtaking surrounding views

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 58

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 67

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 70

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 76

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 81

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 93

The house seen from the top at nighttime. Hard to tell but there are 2 smaller homes there, one with a Rottweiler and one with a Doberman guarding the larger one.

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 97

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 100

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 109

And he also has an old school Al Capone style chrysler from the late 30s that’s still in running condition. There was though a small land slide just not long ago that covered a bit of the front of the car.

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 113

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 114

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 115

It’s ALWAYS coffee time! Locals here drink about 2-3 litres of coffee a day… more than pure water. 🙂

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 116

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 131

Surrounding area during the day

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 134

View from his chalet porch

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 143

And the man himself

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 145

His lil daughter, Michelle

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 149

I feel Colombian now

KLR 650 Trip Colombia 153

I would like to say HUGE thanks to Yesid and his family, for the amazing hospitality and for showing me a great time! It was truly a surreal experience that I wont forget. I have a new Colombian brother. 🙂

  1. E- says:

    Cool! Can we go to spend Christmas with your enlarged family? 😉
    Beautiful places and wonderful people! Lucky you!

  2. Vlad says:

    Hola Amigo!

    Did you get a haircut or you just started to wear the helmet? 🙂

  3. James Kent says:

    The most beautiful mountains I’ve seen in my life.

    I like living there drinking coffee and living a relaxed life and share a coffee yesid

  4. Roxana Dumbu says:

    Es Un Paisaje Muy Subrealista el Que muestra
    Tu Fotografía Es Muy bonito
    Acuanta altura estan estas Montañas? 🙂

    PD : Te que da Bien el Sombrero Colombiano

  5. James Kent says:

    Are the most beautiful mountains have ever seen in my life

    I like to live there drinking coffee and having a relaxed life 🙂

  6. !! te felicito stefano excelentes tus fotos!!!!!
    tus foto son uniicas eres un gran fotografo

  7. Amelia says:

    Fotografias que me hacen recordar i añorar…el lugar que mas quiero y de la gente que extraño.
    Tus fotografias son muy buenas reflejan una vida totalmente diferente a españa.

  8. katia says:

    It’s stunning, the views. I love the blue mountains (100). What’s the name of the old car? It reminds me of my grandpas Volvo when I was little.

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