Before the Ecuador Border

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Colombia

I was on my way to the border but stopped in a small town called Popayane for the night. A small colonial town, really well maintained with white buildings. Everything is pure white and it all looks the same.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 11

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 2

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 21

The views along the way

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 33

And I also met another biker, Jason, who rides an old Honda 250cc from the 70s! That lil bike can haul ass pretty good for it’s motor size. We were doing about 80-100 km/h.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 36

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 39

I wanted to spend the night at a border town called impiales so that I could visit the Santuario de Las Lajas in the morning. Jason continued to the border as he was freaking out aobut not having bike insurance which is mandatory in Colombia. As you get closer to the border, there are a lot more check stops, so he just wanted to get it over with. So anyway, I spent the night in Impiales, at a hotel close to the bus terminal. You can find some nice cheap hotels around the terminals, the only downside is that it’s usually a pretty bad area.

In the morning, I went and checked out the sanctuary. Here’s the pics

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 54

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 47

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 56

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 80

A couple of pictures on the wall there… don’t show this to my guinea pig back home!

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 89


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