Posted: July 23, 2011 in Ecuador

Bike all fixed up, I’m making my way south. I’m riding down to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and then hitting the coast as I haven’t seen the ocean and haven’t felt much warmth in a while.

On the way, this is the kind of scenery I see.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 92

And a few hours down, I get to the middle of the earth. The actual equator line. But somehow I can’t get a 0.0.0 reading on the GPS.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 102

I quickly find out that this is the old park and that the new one with the real 0.0.0 is a few meters down the road.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 111

Here we go

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 20

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 21 (1)

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 117

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 120

Right before the 0 line, I stopped at a restaurant for some cheese and coffee. The owner there told me about a small town near by where I could find hot springs and local indigenous people living. He said it’s close by… as in 30 min or so. It took me 30 min to get to this small town in the picture, but from here another hour in cold and rain to get to the one he was talking about. If you want town names and locations BTW, just click on the images and you’ll get a little map in flicker showing you where the images were taken.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 123

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 125

All worth it though. The springs were amazing and the town super nice and quiet.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 127

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 129

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 132

The hostel owner’s son had this guy as a pet. And BTW, there are no signs for the hostel, you have to ask around. You’ll get pointed to a nice newly built wooden house.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 2

The road you gotta take to get to the town

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 7

And the views… at over 3000m altitude.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 19

On the way back, there was a show put on by different schools. Kids, men and women wearing cultural clothing and dancing

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 25

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 30

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 32

Quito coming up soon…

  1. E- says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Bravo!

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