Ecuador Coast

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Ecuador

I made it to Quito and spent the night there but I just realized that I didn’t upload all the pictures yet and therefore I will post them later. From Quito, I headed over to the coast (Esmeraldas) and did all the coast in a couple of weeks. Here’s some pics…

On the way, I passed some mountains with tropical and sub tropical vegetation. Really cool views but quite a bit of rain.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 79

From Esmeraldas, where I spent only the night cause it’s quite a shit hole, I headed down the coast. Right by the town, I entered a road that was showing on my GPS and was guarded by military. Everyone had to check in with ID but I was just waved by. It seemed a bit strange to have all this security, but then I passed this on the road… an oil rafinery and other oil processing installations. I was passing then just a few feet away. On the way out, the military once again just waved me by. I guess that as long as you’re a gringo, you could go in there with a motorcycle filled with explosives and you’d just get waved by.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 85

The Ecuadorian coast

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 91

And part of the mud road

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 97

Some really nice people I met in a town

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 102

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 103

A ferry that goes onto a small island where I spent a couple of nights

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 105

And more coast

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 120

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 124

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 125

The vegetation on the coast changes dramatically and constantly. Some places it’s deserted and others you find lots of vegetation. Here, I found some cool looking trees.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 134

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 144

My camping spot in Montanita. If any of you are budget travelers, you can camp in Montanita on road going right just after the bridge. Camping is 1.50$ a night and you have access to a kitchen, showers and bathrooms.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 152

I have been hearing a ticking noise in my engine that was getting really bad. It sounded like the valves were going crazy and also the bike had no power. I thought I’d get the valve clearance checked in Guayaquil where I found this small shop. The place itself didn’t look like mutch, but the mechanic was really good. He knew his bikes in and out as he’s been working on them all his life. We took the motor apart and the valve clearance was as good as new. Not bad at 25000 km.

We also changed the chain and the spark plug. The chain had started clicking pretty bad so it didn’t have much time left. I had been carrying a spare all the way from Canada so changing it only took a few minutes. It lasted 25k km which is pretty normal. I’m actually surprised with how long it lasted as I’m really bad at lubing it. I do it probably at an average of 2k-3k km. The spark plug was good but it was showing some crazy heat cycles. The mechanic said that it looks like I’m making use of all the HP the bike has to offer…

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 155

From the coast, I headed back to Quito through the mountain range. Basically, a few hundred KM on mountains, mountains and more mountains. Amazing views, some rain and lots of cold.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 160

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 166

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 175

That’s the road on the right

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 178


KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 185


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