Ecuador border to Peru

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Ecuador

I haven’t posted in a while since I have been riding all over Peru for about a month now and internet here has been non existent in hostels (at least the cheap ones I stay in) while internet cafes use dial-up I think and therefore uploading pictures has been impossible. I am almost done with Peru and here I am posting about the end of Ecuador…

Here are some costal pics I haven’t posted:

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 5

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 8

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 25

So from the coast, I made it back to Quito through the mountain range as I wrote in my last post and from Quito back down towards Peru through the Amazon side.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 37

Waterfalls everywhere! Sometimes a few minutes of riding apart

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 46

And the vegetation changes dramatically

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 55

A bit dirty… even though the amazon side is mainly paved, there is a 25km portion of road still in progress.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 64

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 67

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 88

I met this old fellow in Macas. He had been living there his whole life… 80 some years.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 97

Then I saw these guys riding on the side of the road. The garbage cans on the side of the bike are ingenious! The girl is from Germany while the guy is from the USA. I totally forgot their names though! 😦 I think the guy is John or Joe? They both knew Kass pretty well too.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 99

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 102

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 105

I thought this was pretty cool… 2 rivers mixing

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 108

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 124

I made it to Loja. From here I had a few choices on to which border to cross. Without knowing exactly where I was going I headed south on that road with an end showing way before the border. I also bought a new front tire (Duro brand) for 40$ as my front had 0 thread left. Turns out the new tire came in really handy with it’s aggressive off road thread as the road turned to all kinds of unpaved stuff after a few km south.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 126

River crossing

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 132

More and more water falls…

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 151

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 165

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 179

Some washed off hills that looked cool

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 188

I met these guys on the way and we had lunch. They were my “rescue” truck as they drove behind me a big part of the way. They also found me a welder as for the millionth time a couple more welds broke on the pannier holders. The only welds that really held good and still holding are the ones from Santiago!

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 197

In the town where I did the welding, the hostels were all sold out because of some elections. So I had to head to the next one but it was getting a bit late. Then I came across this… landslides, mud, long waits, big trucks…

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 204

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 212

Here they made me wait for about a half an hour. Lucky me there was a police car that came on the other side of the slide, so they cleaned it up a bit faster to let him pass. If it wasn’t for the police car, I would have probably had to camp there for the night.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 215

You can see the road on the left

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 218

I passed that town at the bottom but no place to sleep there. I did end up making it to a town with hotels about 30 minutes after dark. Those last 30 minutes on a dirt road in the dark felt like 30 hours though.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 224

And if you continue south on the road that doesn’t even exist on google maps, you end up at this small border. They do have immigration on both sides so you can do your bike paperwork and they will even stamp your passport. When I got there, they haven’t had phone communication for almost a week though, and even less internet so they were just writing down all the info into their computers on a spreadsheet. Finding a working photocopier for all the paperwork also took me almost an hour. The officials were really nice on both sides though. Also, if you exchange your dollars for Peru Soles on the Ecuador side, you will get a MUCH better exchange rate. I got an exchange rate of 2.8 to 1 which was better than online.

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 238

The immigration office on the Peru side. Super high tech!

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 242

Welcome to Peru! And what an adventure Peru has been…

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 248

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 253

So which one is it?

KLR 650 Trip Ecuador 262

  1. E- says:

    Great adventure and pictures, as always, bravo!
    I really love the immigration offices! They give you the feeling that the officials and the countries trust and welcome the people who want to visit them and don`t have anything to be afraid of! I wish most border crossings were so nice!

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