Ahyawaska in Peru with a Shaman

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Peru

(image copied from internet)

After my canoe ride in the reserve, I went back to my wood-board bed to relax before the ahyawaska ceremony. My host walked me over to the Shaman’s house around 8pm after we stopped on the way to purchase some items: pure tobacco, brand name tobacco, and some home made super strong alcohol. We looked inside the house through the opened window and said hi, but the Shaman kinda ignored us as I don’t think he realized who we were. Finally he opens up the door and lets us in. He is just laying in his hammock like a lazy bum. Then we start talking and he keeps bringing up women and how much he likes them. His house didn’t look like much and with him talking about all these subjects I am starting to think that he is quite unprofessional. There is another fatter guy there too. Turns out that he is from Lima and he’s learning to become a Shaman. He will be joining us in the ceremony as well. I am thinking that the house is not that welcoming to perform a ceremony in there but after about 30 minutes of useless talk, the Shaman invites me to go outside in the back yard. He puts wooden chairs and benches in a circle and lays out all his tools on the floor. There is the bottle of ahyawaska, a perfume, a pipe that he packs the pure tobacco into, the bottle of alcohol, a necklace and a thing made out of leaves. We wait for a bit and more people join in, his brother and 2 more local guys. It is normal for another member of the family to join in so that the control energies gets stronger. It’s usually brothers that run the ceremonies as the knowledge is passed down for centuries from father to son.

The shaman packs in the strong pure tobacco into his pipe and starts talking to it and blowing on it. Then he does the same to the bottle of ahyawaska. He lights up the pipe and uses the smoke to “bless” everything and everyone. After a few minutes of this, he pours ahyawaska into a half a small coconut shell. He hands it to me to drink it but does advise me to ask the ahyawaska what I want it to show me. Before you drink the plant, you need to ask for what you want it to show you. You can ask to see the future, the past, a solution to problems, etc… I think for a minute and then I drink it. Everyone drinks the same amount in the circle, including the Shaman himself and the apprentice. Then he tells me to relax while him and his apprentice start singing. I am waiting and nothing is happening. The backyard is pretty quiet while the only sound that can be heard from the outside is a disco a few streets down. Probably about 30 minutes pass by till I start feeling a bit different. When I close my eyes, I can see hundreds of other eyes in a really colorful scheme. When I open my eyes, it looks like our circle is within some kind of a room, although I know that we are outside. The shape of the trees in the dark form the walls and the ceiling. I close back my eyes and lay back. The hundreds of eyes are there and I have to get passed them. I keep going through them although they seem to be friendly eyes that just want to guide me. The Shaman and his apprentice keep singing. Their songs are relaxing and somehow they seem to guide me in my “trip”. There is also a lot of smoke in the air from the pipe and a mist of alcohol from the apprentice taking it in his mouth and blowing it up as a mist in the air. The senses are all challenged. Meanwhile I get passed the hundreds of eyes staring at me and end up “there”, that other dimension. I feel like I am out of my body, floating in the air, seeing everything from above. I feel like everything is one, all at the same time. I see our world, our universe, our planet and the people all at once. I have been in this place before. It’s not that new really. I have been there for a really short period of time when I smoked Salvia Divinorum. It feels nice to be back. I start looking into issues facing us, from natural disasters to wars and death. When looking at the size of things, none of these issues actually have any value or importance. I start talking… 6 languages it seems out of which one was an old version of Hebrew. The thing is that no matter how much I was trying to concentrate, I couldn’t tell which language I was speaking as it seemed to me as one universal language. In other words, I could be talking English or French and I wouldn’t know as it all sounded the same. I know it’s hard to understand since even when we consciously think, we do it in a language that we are most comfortable with.

Now how to explain that other dimension I was in? Many religions talk about it, even temporarily dead people who return to tell their stories. It’s the dimension that our universe sits in, therefore making everything in ours one. How is that possible? It’s kind of like in the Matrix movie. You could also look at our current technology to try and better understand the concept. You can take a memory stick and put a bunch of movies on there. While the movies are on there, they exist all at the same time, from beginning to end. If you decide to watch one, then you create a time line depending on the duration of the movie, but even then, the other movies exist on that memory stick and any part of them can be accessed at any point in time. This is why ahyawaska shamans can see into the future and the past. While you’re in this other dimension, the future and the past are there at the same time. All energies that make up this universe can be seen and understood. The interesting part is also that the Shaman enters this same exact place with you. If a person is hallucinating, what are the chances of another one having the same exact hallucinations? Also, different people from different parts of the planet (or universe) can see each-other and talk in this 4th dimension. Makes you wonder if the Incas were really visited in the past by other forms of life and if the ahyawaska was used as a form of communication?

The shaman and his apprentice are singing while I’m doing my traveling. I am also feeling cold. He puts a shirt on me. He shortly after hands me the pipe and tells me to take 3 big puffs out of it. I try to take one and I feel like I can’t hold anything in and that I’m going to throw up. He tells me to take another one. I take it and right away everything comes out. What a normal person would have seen would have been most likely me throwing up. What I saw was a bunch of energies coming out of my mouth, mainly bad ones and in the shape of snakes. More alcohol is blown into the air, and some of that special perfume. I feel better and relieved. It felt good to have all that come out. Needless to say is that before doing a ceremony, you shouldn’t eat for 12 hours. I only had a light breakfast that day and only water afterwards. One of the many uses for ahyawaska is for cleansing.

I go back into the other dimension shortly and slowly the effects of the plant are mellowing down. A bit of disorientation is present and the feeling is similar to the effects caused by magic mushrooms. The shaman is still singing and shortly comes by each person and one on one tells a short part of the future. What to look out for, what might happened and who to watch out for.

Shortly after, we move into the house to relax and to wait for the effects to wear off. At around 1am, the guy I was staying with was supposed to come and pick me up but I think he fell asleep. The Shaman hands me a lantern and kinda explains how to get back. I am still a bit off from the effects of the plant but I start walking back, or where I think is “back”. It is dark and quiet. There are no street lights and everyone is sleeping. All the houses look alike and I am totally lost. I try to find the only paved road in town since from there I know how to go back. I think it took me about an hour to find that road and close to 2 hours to do the 10 minute walk back to the house.

The next morning I had a headache like if I were hung over. After taking a couple of advil pills, it was all better. I was ready to get back on the boat and head over to Iquitos.

Needless to say that it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I am not sure how powerful this shaman was compared to other ones since I can’t really compare. His father was supposedly a pretty powerful one and the powers and knowledge are passed down through generations which is why most of the time there will be a brother joining into the ceremony as well. Either way, what I have experienced made me look at things a bit differently and raises even more questions in my head than before.

Here is the Shaman’s house. What you see on the table is pretty much all him and his family owns. When you go to see a Shaman, you wont see usually too much stuff or a well dressed place. If you go deeper into the Amazon, you will see even lees. Usually a small hut and that’s about it.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 216

From the left, shaman’s daughther, wife, the shaman and on the right the fatter guy is the apprentice.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 219

If you google up images of Ahyawaska visions, you can see some really cool art by ahyawaska visionaries. Here are some cool examples

  1. alexandrafl says:

    this is unbelievable – great post; i can only live through this vicariously but i am amazed

  2. Jill says:

    This is intriguing! What kind of things exactly do you look at differently?

  3. olimpiu says:

    incredibil fane as vrea sa experimentez si io asa ceva apropo am fumat si io salvia si e incredibil ce simti si ce vezi te saluta cu drag olimpiu!

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