Iquitos to Pucallpa on the river Ucayali

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Peru, South America

I know it has been a while since I posted but I still haven’t been able to fix my macbook. I just realized though that I still had some pictures uploaded on Flicker so I’m able to use those for 1 or 2 more posts from Peru.

Last post was about Iquitos, this large city in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon separated by water and jungle from all other civilization. After spending a couple of days there, I got on another boat to ride down another river for a week to Pucalpa where I was going to meet an Ahyawaska doctor. Not another Shaman, but this time a healer who uses this intriguing plant.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 397

KLR 650 Trip Peru 411

This boat was bigger and cleaner than the last one. It also had better toilets and showers.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 414

I had the best spot in the house this time. From my hammock I could see the back of the boat and both sides of the river.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 415

The lancha was called the Henry 10 and it had some sweet graphics.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 419

But who cares about the graphics when you have these views?

KLR 650 Trip Peru 422

KLR 650 Trip Peru 432

KLR 650 Trip Peru 451

It’s forbidden to pee overboard

KLR 650 Trip Peru 454

KLR 650 Trip Peru 460

KLR 650 Trip Peru 463

KLR 650 Trip Peru 465

More small towns where we would stop to load and unload along the way.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 473

KLR 650 Trip Peru 485

KLR 650 Trip Peru 521

These guys were working on the ship

KLR 650 Trip Peru 545

KLR 650 Trip Peru 590

KLR 650 Trip Peru 593

I wonder if these guys were on the passenger list? They were going to be sold to a restaurant to be cooked. One of the guys got bit taking them out to show them to me. Lucky they were not venomous! I ended up getting them back into the bucket nice and easy by holding them by the tail. The guys were looking at me as if I were crazy, but it was a small trick I learned on TV… weird that they didn’t know how to handle snakes better than that since they were supposed to be “professionals”.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 601

Nightfall and I am prepared for mosquitos. I bought this net cause I knew the river was going to be low and we’d stop over night in a few places.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 607

We were “prepared” in case we’d get uninvited visitors over night.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 610

Finally we arrived in Pucalpas. I met some guys on a boat and they told me about a super cheap hostel in the city. I believe the cost was about 3$ for the night. I didn’t get a picture of the room cause the camera might have got scared but I did take a picture of the wiring and the guard dog.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 617

KLR 650 Trip Peru 619

The owner’s wife made some of the best Chicken soup! And super cheap too!

KLR 650 Trip Peru 621

And here is the owner of the “hostel”

KLR 650 Trip Peru 622

This is the guy who told me about the hostel on the boat. He was staying there too.

KLR 650 Trip Peru 623

The next day, I went to San Francisco, a town close by in order to see a Herbal Doctor called Eduardo. One of my good friends, Alejandro from Argentina told me about him and since I was around the corner, I thought it might be a good experience. More on that later…

  1. E- says:

    Hey, we see you are in Chile already. Have a great time and take care!

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