Merry Christmas! – Help save santa’s home!

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

We have some sad news! Santa will soon be loosing his home! Those useful and useless gifts you all bought in large quantities this year were produced by sub slave labor, by kids maybe even younger than yours, and have contributed in such large amount to this year’s global warming that if you buy even just one more gift this or next year, Santa will lose his home! How are you going to be able to tell your kids when they grow up that you were the cause that Santa lost his home?

Watch Santa look for a new home.

House Hunting: A Global Warming PSA from Dan Kowalski on Vimeo.

Maybe it’s time we changed the way we look at Christmas?

  1. E- says:

    This is so right! Let’s have the real Christmas spirit be back, with love and smartness as the greatest gifts! And love not only towards each other humans, but also for this great planet that so generously houses us! Wishing you lots of love and happiness, a very Merry Christmas, and Feliz Navidad to all the nice people around you!

  2. E & O says:

    Very, very Happy New Year! Lots of love, happiness, health, and many satisfactions!

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