Lima to Cuzco

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Peru

After that beautiful mountain range, I ended up in Lima. My plans were to spend a couple of days and check out the capital but after riding through the streets for a half an hour or so, I decided to check it out from above and get the hell out of there. I met some cops who advised me to get out of the city as well if I had nothing special to do in there. They told me that it’s not unusual to get robbed at gunpoint in full daylight. The buildings were old and run down, and the whole city kind of looked like a dump…

I went up to the mirrador and here is the city in a nutshell…

KLR 650 Trip Peru 159

KLR 650 Trip Peru 161

KLR 650 Trip Peru 168

KLR 650 Trip Peru 175

KLR 650 Trip Peru 177

After riding down on the beach side, I sat down at a restaurant to have a nice warm meal. I met there Warren. He is a Parachute specialist training military people. We talked for a while and he generously invited me over to spend the night at his place. Thanks again Warren! 🙂

KLR 650 Trip Peru 183

He also told me about some cool places to visit on my way down in Peru. The first one was Paracas to go and check out the Isla de Sangayan.

There are a few cheap hostels there and people to go check out the island. A boat ride I think is around 10$ or 20$. Super touristic though and they treat you like sardines in a can… but worth the visit. They call it the “cheap” Gallapagos

KLR 650 Trip Peru 185

KLR 650 Trip Peru 188

KLR 650 Trip Peru 194

KLR 650 Trip Peru 198

KLR 650 Trip Peru 201

KLR 650 Trip Peru 206

KLR 650 Trip Peru 208

KLR 650 Trip Peru 217

KLR 650 Trip Peru 219

KLR 650 Trip Peru 226

KLR 650 Trip Peru 230

KLR 650 Trip Peru 238

Did I mention that it’s all desert down here?

KLR 650 Trip Peru 244

KLR 650 Trip Peru 253

KLR 650 Trip Peru 255

I met this cool Japanese cyclist but I forgot his name. He’s heading down towards Ushuaya too so maybe I’ll see him down the road…

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 1

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 2

And here are the popular Nazca lines. Most people take a plane to see them, but it costs about 120$ for a 30 min plane ride and these days you might not even see much anymore. Better check them out on Wikipedia and save yourself the $$$.

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 5

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 10

Crossing the deserted mountains towards Cuzco

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 18

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 25

This is Wally. He is from Venezuela. We rode together for a while. My KLR had a hard time keeping up to his BMW at those altitudes. If only it had an adjustable carburetor?!

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 26

And more mountains

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 33

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 36

  1. Dan Gray says:

    Happy new year Stefan! and Merry Christmas!
    Its nice top see your mac is back at half steam, Its kinda crazy that even the police are telling you to avoid a city, shouldnt they be the ones to keep it safe?:) Did you ever try and call your other iphone to see if the person would answer? !Hola?
    keep safe bud!

    • pimptrix says:

      Happy New year to you and Shirly too!

      The police keeping a place safe? Look at Calgary, when someone gets shot, not much gets done, but there are cops giving out radar tickets at every street corner. $ before safety…

      I called the phone, but it’s not something you ever get back. I did end up fixing my other one in Cuzco so I have my 32GB working again.

      Once again, hope you guys had a good one!

  2. Vlad says:

    Happy New Year Stefan! Have a safe trip. May all your wishes come true this year.

  3. Vigilante says:

    I have been following your trip since you left Calgary, I am quite jealous, although I am not sure I would be brave enough to take on such an adventure.

    As far as Lima goes, one of my good friends grew up there until he was 18. He goes back once a year and says he does not like to be there without being surrounded by people he trusts, and would never want to venture out alone, but yes there are a large number of Calgarians that feel the same way.

    I look forward to each and every update, so keep ’em coming!

    • pimptrix says:

      Hey man, thanks for following the blog! Always good to get feedback. As for being brave, things are not as bad as people think. Tell you the truth, I never really felt worried for my safety on this trip. A few big cities were a bit off, but I just put my hand on my machete and look at the people approaching. Usually, they walk away and I don’t have to deal with them. Even in Lima, although I wasn’t too fond of the city, I have to say that when I went to LA, I did end up in a neighborhood that seemed a lot more dangerous. Needless to say as well, that after living in Washington DC, capital of the crime, for 5 years… there isn’t too much that seems dangerous anymore. 😉

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