Potosi and Sucre

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Bolivia



From Uyuni, I headed up towards Potosi and Sucre. The road was a mix between gravel roads and in parts, pavement. As in most dirt roads in Bolivia and actually most of South America, in order to keep the ride somewhat smooth, you have to go around 70-90km/h or else the grooves going sideways on the road will shake every bone in your body. Having good tires helps for sure as parts of the road can be quite sandy too.

On the way, there are a few places with nice scenery.

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 714

On the way I met Joel, who was waiting on his friends to come back with a set of bearings for his wheels. He had just replaced them and I’m not sure what went wrong but the new ones had split up and broke as well.

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 710

KLR 650 Trip Peru and Bolivia 721

Streets in Potosi

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 5

Although Potosi is a nice calm touristic town, it’s also one of the coldest places I have visited on my trip. At night, I had 7 blankets and I was still freezing. This is also the place where my laptop started having memory problems. I only found out about a month or so later in Paraguay that one of my memory slots had fractured. I guess that the Bolivian dirt roads really put some stress on my equipment.

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 11

I only stayed a couple of nights in Potosi and then I headed for Sucre where there was going to be a huge National typical Bolivian festival.

On the way to Sucre, in smaller towns they also had their own little festivals. This car was all decorated with some of the best materials they had along with lots of silver cutlery.

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 18

I made it to Sucre on time for the festival. It had already been going on for a day but I had to spend the extra night in Potosi to fix the bike. I had problems with gas not going through right so I had to have the carburetor cleaned. It turns out that it was the fuel filter that I had installed in Colombia that got all dirtied up. We replaced the filter with a smaller one that was available and I thought the bike was fine. The same problem started happening on the way to Sucre, the bike was choking. So after many different tries of different options, I removed the small fuel filter and the bike ran fine, or almost.

Here are the pictures of the festival. I think it’s the Festival of the virgin of Guadalupe, but I’m not 100% sure anymore of the name. It’s a type of carnival where groups of people from the different cities in Bolivia come to show off their folkloric costumes, music and dances. The music to me sounded all the same but I guess that my ear is not used to that music. There were thousands upon thousands of people all over the streets from morning to night. It was an incredible festival that I’m really happy to have come across…

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 37

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 63

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 72

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 73

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 81

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 83

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 84

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 90

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 102

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 106

KLR 650 Trip Bolivia 113

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