Welcome to Argentina!

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Argentina

For me it was a bit of welcome back as I had spent the night on the AG side of the border to get my Paraguay visa before. The plan was to ride through the north of Argentina all the way to Chile and then descend along the coast from there. I had to cover a few km before Chile anyway, somewhere around 2000 I think with all the detours I was going to do.

First 2 nights, camped at a recreational fishing campground. It was nice and relaxing.




And then in the municipal camping in Resistencia on the other side of the bridge.


Relaxed with some nice people by the river beach there and hung out all night by the boardwalk.





From afar, the campground looked calm, but locals would go there to cook BBQs till 4-6am sometimes and would blast music from all corners. It was hard to sleep even with my ear plugs.


It was time to leave and find some tranquility. There was a nacional park of Chaco not too far from there. In this region, nat. parks are a nice place to camp because they provide everything from electricity to showers and all for free.











From there, I tried to make it to another national park. In the mean time it had rained and the dirt roads had turned into mud. I did make it to the other park, but I had to ride the last 27km in the dark on a super slippery mud slide.

Once I got to the park, there was no one there. The gates were locked, so I camped in front of them.


I was watching a movie on my laptop on the ground and when I went to get up I saw a black stain running away from me. After grabbing my flash light I looked to see where it had run away to. The front suspension of the kawi seemed a great place to hide. If I wouldn’t have got up, he would have probably just finished watching the movie there by my side.


He was the biggest one I’ve seen yet.


The next day, had to take the mud slide back out but I felt a lot better after a good night’s sleep.



The bike didn’t agree and decided to rest some more. On the way in, I mede it without problems, but on the way out, I ended up dropping it twice, and every time I lifted it by myself… a 300 km tank sliding all over the place was no easy task.



I finally made it out of there and headed over to Salta. On the way I saw some guys working on a bike on the side of the road. I stopped to see if they needed anything and all they were missing were tire spoons to get the tire back on the wheel, luckily I had a couple.



  1. santiago says:

    hey good to check in on you now and then the photo of the bike on it´s side remindes me to ask how long the racks held up?

    • pimptrix says:

      I have welded them over 20 times and reinforced them and all. They would break even just from the vibration on the dirt roads. They are total junk from the manufacturer, as the metal bars are now breaking. 😀


    • pimptrix says:

      Santiago! I forgot to tell you that the only welds still holding are the ones you did! They are so strong that the bars are breaking instead of the welds! Thanks again buddy! 🙂

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