Lakes and Mountains

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Argentina, Chile

The nicest part of Chile and Argentina was starting to appear. Lakes, mountains, volcanoes and vegetation all around. Gorgeous scenery.

The following picture was taken in Villarica. One of Chile’s most active volcanoes.


This picture was taken in Pucon. I spent a few nights there exploring the surroundings. Nice lakes and a few hot springs.


Crystal clear water and not too cold either.




One of the hot springs.


A lake close to the border with Argentina.



Volcano at the border with Argentina. It’s here that I realize I was running low on fuel. I calculated and there was no way I could make it to the first gas station. I had 2 extra litters in a container and somehow I made it on fumes.



Welcome to Argentina! Not too far from the border, I found a free camping spot in a National park right by a lake.


What you see on top of the mountain is ash.


A short time after I set-up camp, 3 Colombian backpackers showed up, Daniela, Mariana and Juan. We spent a few nights there by the lake admiring the horizons full of ash, the nice mountains and the crystal clear lakes.


Ash storm?


Ash, ash and more ash…



I made it to San Carlos de Bariloche. I didn’t stay in town as it looked a lot like Banff back home. Really touristic with many overpriced stores. Just a few km down the road, there was a swiss colony and I ended up staying there for a few days to wait out the rain and the cold that was passing through. The nice lady from the campground, Anna, let me stay in a cabin for the same price as camping which was really nice since the temperatures at night dropped to around 0 degrees C. She also gave me a nice warm blanket to take with me on the way down to Ushuaia as my Big Agnes sleeping back doesn’t hold heat anymore. On the way out, I stopped again in Bariloche to get some brake pads for my bike, a new tube and to change the front tire.



The views from south of Bariloche.


Christmas day, I camped at the border with Chile. The ruta austral going down to Ushuaia passes a lot back and fourth between Chile and Argentina.


Cooked up a nice steak.


On the way to the border, I stopped at a store and bought a multi tool along with a boiling pan.



A cute insect. It’s really friendly once you catch it.


This scenery and water color reminded me a lot of British Columbia back in Canada.


More lakes and mountains to come…

  1. Artem says:

    Wow that nice. Its looks like Canada.

  2. Alexandrafl says:

    Xept theres a real natural hot spring and an active volcano. its really beautiful. ps – ur gonna be uncle to a girl! 🙂

  3. DanGray says:

    Sleeping next to an active volcano, yup I think that qualifies as adventure! haha Love the pics,

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