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Meeting Yosh and Evan

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Friends, Mexico

So I realized that I forgot to post on here how I met up with Yosh and Evin. We all met up at the San Diego hostel. Evan already knew about me from Adam who I had met at another hostel a bit up north of LA. So I guess introductions are to be made. Evin is from Canmore AB, while Yosh is from Japan. Evin just started riding a few months ago (like 3) and decided to get a KLR and head south as far as his pockets will allow him. Yosh shipped over his 98 DR650 (which is in mint condition) to Vancouver from Japan and will be heading south to Argentina. He is also hoping to have enough pockets to do Africa next year.

So here’s the gang:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 23

And here is Evan all mighty whom we lost today as he went to visit some family friends on the east side for a few days:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 6

So we did it, we finally crossed into Mexico! After a few nights of dodging bullets and running from the cartel, I finally found a seat under a shed with some homeless guys and am able to write this. What they say on the news is nothing compared to what is really happening here. The second you cross the border, you hear gun shots from the left, some from the right and hopefully none from right in front of you. You step on the throttle and hope they miss you. You hear shots, ride the deserted streets from town to town and hope the helmet will be tough enough against a bullet.

If the above sounded horrifying to you, then chances are you are a media bag. What is a media bag? A person who takes what the media gives him\her and bags it all up in a big pile of shit! Seriously, you are what you believe in!

People here are really nice, the weather is somewhat warm and you have more chances of getting shot in LA, San Diego or any other part of the US than in Mexico. So yes, for all of you sitting in front of the “NEWS”, either on the internet, in front of the TV or any other brain washing piece of crap propaganda, I invented a new name for you, Media Bag!

So now for some pictures… the internet here is pretty slow as we are camping in the RV parking lot of a hotel for 6$ a person a night, so if I can get a couple of pix through, it will be great…

First campground:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 5

Chef Yosh and chef Evin cooking our feast:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 10

Sea food cocktail, the best thing ever! About 5$ and it has tons of fresh raw seafood in it. Mexican sushi I guess:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 15

Eating at a roadside place… while dodging bullets:

KLR 650 Bike Trip Mexico 16