What a week…

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Honduras

Utila was out of this world! Crazy place…. lol Pictures to come later as I have to pack up and catch a cargo ship called Mr. Tim to Puerto Lempira. It’s gonna be a 36hr journey with some cargo ship guys and a bunch of junk….

  1. E- says:

    Glad you had fun! Looking forward to details and pics, but in the meantime: CONGRATULATIONS for your advanced diving certificate!!!!

    • pimptrix says:

      Pictures will come when I get to the other coast I think! Internet here is slow or hard to come by. It’s been some of the craziest adventure up to now since I got on the boat but everything is good! We only have a few minutes on the internet stick from the hotel owner so can’t really do much. I should make it to the Pacific coast in about 3-4 days from here as it’s all dirt roads and currently lots of rain.

  2. alexandra says:

    there’s this thing called batana hair oil that’s made there. if you find a small vial (like 10 ml or less), please 🙂 xoxo

  3. katia says:

    Yai! You made it into nicaragua!! 5 countries down unknown to go!!! 🙂 chmoks

  4. katia says:

    Alex eBay doesn’t have it? I can’t see mr Stefan carrying that oil around 🙂

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